Presidential candidate likens Native Americans to jihadists

UNITED STATES - AUGUST 29:  Former Gov. Mike Huckabee, R-Ark., addresses the Republican National Convention in the Tampa Bay Times Forum on the night Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., republican vice-presidential nominee, delivered a speech to the crowd.  (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)
(Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee announced his plans to run for president on Tuesday, May 5. During his speech, the Republican attempted to criticize current president Barack Obama and squandered hope of gaining Native American support in the 2016 election.

“When I hear our current president say he wants Christians to get off their high horse so we can make nice with radical jihadists, I wonder if he can watch a western from the ’50s and be able to figure out who the good guys and the bad guys really are,” stated the politician, who was once a Southern Baptist pastor.

This absurd comment came in reference to a speech made by Obama at this year’s National Prayer Breakfast. Whilst speaking about Islamic terrorism, the president reminded the audience that most, if not all, religions have dark aspects of their history.

“And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.”

Huckabee seems to feel that Obama’s acknowledgement of the atrocities that founded our country is unpatriotic, as evidenced by his stance on outdated cowboy and Indian movies. This disjointed statement stands out as especially ridiculous in light of criticism these tropes have garnered recently in response to Adam Sandler’s disrespectful film script.

The conservative politician went on to say, “I commit this to you today, I will never, ever apologize for America–ever.”

Sometimes, an apology on the part of powerful entities such as the United States is in order. Clearly, this presidential candidate’s pride prevents him from admitting to past and present American faults.

At least a dozen individuals have come forward as Republican candidates for 2016’s presidential election, and Huckabee is not the first to make discriminatory propositions towards the Native population.

Senator Rand Paul pushed for the abolishment of the Bureau of Indian Affairs when he took office in 2011, but has yet to speak out about taking such action if he becomes president.

“Sadly, this is what people have come to expect from GOP candidates who constantly push policies and views that are harmful to Americans. Mike Huckabee’s offensive, outdated, and divisive social views have no place in the 21st century,” commented Democratic National Committee spokesperson Eric Walker to Indian Country Today Media Network.

No politician of any party affiliation is perfect, but candidates who take blatant discriminatory jabs at entire demographics while expressing a desire to represent the country as a whole must be considered carefully. While we have yet to reach the thick of the campaign trail, it is vital to take note of these biases now.

The Lakota People’s Law Project is appalled by this display of ignorance from Mike Huckabee. As a non-profit organization, we do not endorse or discredit any political candidate. As we have been working to stand behind Native Americans and their sovereignty, we hope they will be considered appropriately in the political arena.

39 thoughts on “Presidential candidate likens Native Americans to jihadists”

  1. It is past time for first nations people to register and vote these bums out of office…every vote counts.

    1. Sorry your vote don’t count.
      Koke brothers will donate 1 billion to the next Republican Representative.
      Wal-Mart will make sure they lobby so they can pay less taxes than last year
      It took around 6 to 7 billion to elect past Presidents
      Money is now free speech and Corporations are people
      So go ahead and vote
      Get a small piece of paper to note who’s been voted out of office lately

    2. I couldn’t agree more Rev.Dr. Mendle E. Adams.
      Huckabee just opened his mouth to change feet ! He’s been doing a lot of that lately, his true colors have come out. Sadly, the race for Principle Chief of the Cherokee Nation this year is bringing out the worst in some of the Candidates. There are those of us who want a transparent term of office. We deserve that from our Leaders. Perhaps an “Oversight Committee” would be a good start!.
      Unfortunately, when we elect someone we have to hope and pray that he or she is of good character and has the intelligence to represent the Cherokee people wisely. Otherwise, voting is simply an exercise in futility!
      I miss you dear Wilma Mankiller, you worked so hard with total devotion for the advancement of the Cherokee Nation. May you RIP

  2. Whoa. Gov, Huckabee is not my choice, either, but let’s not make assumptions about his statement about “good guys and bad guys.” You, dear writer, are the one who is saying the Indians were always the “bad guy.” I’ve watched plenty of westerns – both in movies and on TV – and the bad guy could have been a bank robber, horse thief, etc. And there are westerns who portray the white man as the bad guy: Little Big Man and Dances With Wolves spring to mind. If you want to look for subliminal racism, you will always find it…but honestly, it isn’t always there.

    1. EVERY person…every Native person knew what his intended remark was…it needs NO explanation at all. By taking ‘his side’ you too are guilty of trying to discourage Americans to forget what happened to us as a culture…that we had our ENTIRE world taken away from us and thrown in the mass graves many of our ancestors are buried in. You forget how Hitler was so impressed by how the European Invaders/Americans got rid of over 8 million Indians and nearly the same number of Buffalo they used to survive. You forget that the Jewish Holocaust was inspired by the American Holocaust.
      The movies you mention are NOTHING to the Native American community. Little Big Man took our sacred ceremonies and pissed on them. Dances with wolves was nothing but a romanticized story based loosely on a lone soldier separated from the Calvary by choice. There is little truth of life in these movies, yet White people think these fictional movies were true to life when in fact they were almost the opposite.
      I guess it takes being a Native American to see the racism in his words and his true intent. Some white people, sadly our politicians will NEVER understand the true depth of their racism towards us.
      That is sad and there is NO excuse for it. Support this remnant of the Religious Right and his attempt to put everything that is wrong with this country on people who are not following HIS belief system.
      And HE is screaming of Religious Persecution! He is using Religion to bury the true meaning of what is means to be American and he hopes this will take him to the White House.
      Foolish white man.

      1. Though my opinions tend to lean towards the liberal end of the political spectrum anyway, I would never support any candidate from any party who makes such fascist, and blindly patriotic statements.

      2. If I may, respectfully, share with you the post I just placed on Mr Huckabee’s Face Book page. “Understanding that Mr Huckbee is a right wing religious moronic nut job, I can excuse much of the hate and filth that exits his mouth. He can say what he wants about me, a gay man, and it rolls right off my back, again, considering the source. And I also understand that if Jesus himself were to pop in and endorse this poor excuse of a human being, he still would not stand a snowballs chance in hell, a place I am sure he is very familiar with, or at least will be some day, of EVER becoming the President of these United States. And I can assue you, even White Jesus would not endorse this idiot. All of this aside, when he talks trash about the indigenous people of this land who have been murdered, abused, and harassed since before the inception of this bully called the United States, he then has to answer to me. And I say to you sir, Mr Huckabee, that you are the lowest form of excrement crawling in the sewers of the world. You are a horrible sub human, make that you platform, oh wait, you already have, kudos.”

        Personally I have nothing but the highest respect for the indigenous people of this land, and Mr Huckabee can kiss by big ol white butt!

    2. huckabee said in the 50s. little big man was in the seventies and dances with wolves was in the 90s. in the 50s movies always had the guy in the black hat or the indians as the bad guys

  3. L’Amérique est le pays des Native américains, les Européens sont venus et ont volé cette terre qui n’était pas la leur, maintenant justice doit être faite … est plus que temps ….les vrais américains sont ceux que l’on appelle à tort “” les Amérindiens “” les autres sont issu de l’immigration et la plupart ont été débarqué en Amérique dès 1600 pour vider les prisons et les bagnes d’Europe, alors dans leurs gènes il n’y a pas que du bien, ……la preuve …ils continuent de s’approprier tout ce qu’ils peuvent au détriment de tous les peuples et par n’importe quels moyens …….pas très démocratique ni très humain ……….digne de leurs ancêtres …..!

  4. I think someone misunderstood what Mr Huckabee was saying by referencing old westerns, we all know the Native Americans were the good guys. I didn’t see anywhere that Mr. Huckabee compared Native Americans with jihadists, Pretty sure Obama has made his comparisons very clear, according to him, anyone who worships anything is a terrorist. Anyone who stands for something beside money is an extremist. Bottom line, I believe the person who wrote this misunderstood Mr. Huckabee’s comments.

  5. I’ve been told that I’m not a patriot because l have asked the question What is there to be proud of when it comes to our country’s past history of genocide and slavery? Huckabee should not even be allowed to work for our government given what he has said!

    1. I agree with your take on this. It is often sad that too many people jump on the band wagon without all the facts or proper context.

  6. It appears that Hukabee, did not listen to the dialogue very carefully.The terms Dirty Redskins,Stinking Redskins, Dirty Sqaw , etc.were used in most of the Indian vs. white movies. The racism is there and th public loved it.

  7. the only person that is connecting the bad guys with Native Americans is this writer. Obviously Huckabee was referring to the bad guys as he said. I am not a Huckabee fan but this article is total propaganda. It makes no sense. But the liberal dream world people love to believe this.

  8. This is all so sad i remember when i was young , I never heard anyone talking bad about the other race now that i’m old everyone is going crazy trying to be mean or even kill the other race , I may not see it but believe if this continues the world will be a blood bath ,Blood running like the flood waters all over the land 😦

  9. There was no likening anyone to Jihadists in his actual comments; he was taking a jab at Obama. Train & stage coach robbers and other ruffians were also bad guys in 50s Westerns.

  10. And so the 2016 presidential “spin” begins! It’s like saying Cascade makes your dishes VIRTUALLY spotless- meaning not really spotless but we’ll make people think it does. There’s no truth or bad intent in even 1 word he said! People are so easily brainwashed by the media these days! There are always 2 sides (or more) to every story. Both sides of the aisle stretch the truth in all directions because they want you to believe their party is better for our country- and that’s called politics!

  11. The Bureau of Indian Affairs, does need to be abolished, their more corrupt than the lapd… Rand Paul knows.

  12. Rand Paul wants to eliminate the Bureau of Indian Affairs because it “has swindled and mismanaged billions of dollars in Indian trust funds.” It’s not as though he’s anti-native.

  13. Huckabee is a racist pig, plain and simple. It goes with the territory of being far right and a former Baptist minister.

  14. Huckster has no chance anyway. Y’all need to focus on real issues like poverty, alcoholism, education, and Justice.

  15. The old switch and mirror
    Get you preoccupied with things that make little difference
    Big Money is taking over the election process
    Who pays less taxes than you?
    Why are we constantly at war?
    Now public record, Vietnam and Iraq were fabricated lies to start the conflicts. Needless lives and Billions lost. Who is really running the Country?
    Why are we the last industrial nation to offer health care?
    Why are we 34th in education?
    Why is our trading with countries like China next to impossible?
    Why is our Police hiding their commitment to the Constitution? You are forced to work hard to keep your Constitutional rights.
    I’m really an uneducated guy who can see obvious failures around me.
    So many things never talked about in Public Office.
    Why was it so hard to finally have the right to video record public officials like your police force in public?
    Please continue with more subjects not talked about that are vital to this Great Country.
    We are in debt and printing money to pay the debt, no one is talking about it.
    Who allowed all the jobs to go over seas?
    Please continue on this subject and help me
    I was raised in Australia with free health care. It was mandatory that everyone had to vote. It was a declared holiday.
    I am now a US citizen and a Vet with free health care
    But many of my friends don’t.
    I feel it is too late, $ controls everything.
    Please tell me there is hope!

  16. I do not trust politicians and have only voted one time since I turned 18 (that was 50 years ago) and that was because I was young and lacked knowledge of what politics are really about. I also do not trust the clergy since I know that religion is just a control mechanism. I only trust the Creator/Great Spirit and the words he gave through his writings and prophets/messengers. I would vote one more time IF and that is a big IF, all the WANNABE contenders promise and follow through BEFORE they are elected.

    Here is the test. Here are the the three big issues with me.

    1) All claims (at least 2 years in the waiting are immediately reviewed and signed off on Yay or Nay. If it is Nay, the VA has seven days to give their reasons why the claim was disapproved. If they take longer than that, the claim, the claim is automatically approved. No more games, get on the stick and do your job VA representatives!

    2) ALL SEALED ADOPTION RECORDS TO BE OPENED IMMEDIATELY….NATIONWIDE. No more whining and crying from the pulpits and the lying politicians about who they want to protect. We do not need protection by you we need protection FROM YOU! All records, original birth certificates and any other pertinent information to be turned over to the adoptees who are 18 and older.

    After 16 years of searching for my sister and two ago finding out we are twins, I could care less about your silly reasons to protect your own beehinds. Do it!


    First, the BIA to be dissolved. Teams of 7 people, to include American Indian People (representing various tribes affected by the reservations), and comprised of women and men/two chiefs, two clan mothers) and 1 rep from the House and one rep from the Senate.

    These teams will visit each representative and meet with spokespeople on the Reservations, aka POW Camps to discuss reparations for each tribe. The teams have 14 days for discussions and recommendations. The House and Senate have another 14 days to come to an amicable decision. Get it done…You want to be public servants, then start serving and by the way…you know that 50% you gave yourselves? That’s over. No more AID to foreign countries until THE PEOPLE are helped in the ways they should be to be given hope and a future.

    Remember Bill Clinton and his promises? What did he deliver? NOTHING.

    That’s it folks. Get all those WANNABE contenders and see who stands and who falls. If none of them want to stand up and do the right thing…it is time to cut the umbilical cords and truly become Sovereign. No more fighting and dying for causes that only are to benefit the fats cats of Washington, i.e. poppy fields of Afghanistan and the oil fields of other rich countries. Enough already. These politicians and clergy have their chance to do what is good and right. If they would rather be evil then Unite under one Confederacy and become the true UNITED NATIONS.

    Laura Carol Spong/(Spang) (my birth name)
    Member, Tsalagiyi Nvdagi (Cherokee of Texas)
    Svnoyi Wohali (Night Eagle)
    Ani Tsiskwa (Bird People/Messengers)

  17. The writers of this article seems biased and racist!
    My grandfather who was born in the latter 1800s advised my dad who was born in 1922 to vote Republican. Why? He understood American History and who it was that actually was supporting the Native Americans.
    if you were to take a look at the Administrations and Congress’s that transformed the West, they were nearly all, Democrat. The same holds true for the slaveholders, Jim Crow, KKK, the Civil Rights etc. My ancestors lost plenty throughout that “Fundemental transformation of America”, and I don’t agree with everything from the GOP, but they have by and far done more to protect and sustain the indigenous people here than any other political party!
    Huckabee did not make any reference to natives, but rather making a distinction between the good as opposed to the bad, such as; killers,robbers, thieves, rustlers, etc.
    To say anything more than that is to purposely mislead and misconstrue his factual statements and add fuel to the fires of ignorance.

    1. I’m sorry Dave, but the “Republican party” that did “anything” for your people, is long dead! The fools that populate that party today have no interest in any group that cannot “buy” their election to office.

  18. It seems on this site that we are reading into comments that are manufactured to get a biased reaction. Mr huckabee said nothing about native americans at all! Getting a negative picture from his comments are like getting a sexual innuendo out of the underwear section of a sears catalog! I will probably not vote for him anyway but not from any conclusions from this misleading article! Why can’t you do something similar to the liberal snakes in the grass as well! Don’t tell me you can’t find the lies on that side of the fence! I am tired of people trying to make me a SHEEPLE!

  19. Whoever is/becomes president must be the president of all Americans, Issues that affect Native peoples go far beyond sports’ mascots and idiot Republican candidates.

  20. I think its evident that the present government has lost proper form. Also I believe as far as the president goes the military should have a voted representative in each brach of the military and the president shouldnt be commander and chief but have an equal share of power with the three reps for the military. These reps would have equal say so along with the president . Doing this would keep the incoming president from screwing up the plan laid in force. Also it would give equal votes for future military activity abroad. The elected president could still have power over national guards and coast guards but no longer supreme power over the military. Leave the native american alone

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