Aljazeera America reports on foster care crisis in South Dakota

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The efforts of the Lakota People’ Law Project and other brave warriors fighting a racist and classist system were highlighted in a recent article by Laura Rena Murray for Aljazeera America.

The article details the travails of several Native American families ripped asunder by an intolerant system.

One of the victims, Lois Thunder, watched as her grandchildren were removed from their home after being neglected by parents struggling through the ravages of substance abuse issues. Thunder understood the necessity to intervene in the difficult situation, but immediately began to fight to have the children placed with her — to no avail.

Instead of being placed with Thunder or the tribe as mandated by the Indian Child Welfare Act, the children were placed in non-Native homes, an all too familiar story in South Dakota.

Laura Rena Murray not only details the tragedy of individual families but demonstrates the systemic nature of the persistent injustices, interviewing Lakota People’ Law Project Attorney Chase Iron Eyes and other leaders in the Native communities who have begun to fight back against a cruel and unflinching system.

Please read the story which can be found here.

The Lakota People’s Law Project will continue to work diligently to ensure this racist practice that undermines the cultural heritage of Native peoples ceases. We need the help of media outlets such as Aljazeera to disseminate the message about this unfortunate circumstance.

Reporters like Laura Rena Murray are instrumental in helping the Lakota people receive a reprieve from prolonged injustice.


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